Glastonbury Festival

I have been fortunate enough to be invited to exhibit my work at Glastonbury Festival in the Greenfields part of the site in 2016 and 2017. Below are the two sculptures I have created and their associated meaning and inspiration.

2017 The Many Faces of Climate Refugees

I created a piece depicting wire face studies of current climate refugees and people who are not. I wanted to raise awareness of the fact that massive emigration issues will occur when the climate doesn’t permit people to live where they have always lived. I wanted to give a face to climate change as it is often portrayed in an impersonal manner. I created a poster that sat adjacent to the piece to explain the logic behind my sculpture.


When I returned to University I decided to write about climate refugees and how this can be overcome with intelligent and innovative design. I explored the issues that we face due to climate change and provided examples of current and future possible design innovations.

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 2016 Rubbish Reefs

The idea behind this piece was to create a sculpture that raised awareness of fly tipping in the ocean and the effects on our coral reefs. I made the reef from bits and bobs found washed up on beaches.

This piece won 5th place in the 2016 Plastic Pollution Coalition prize (PPC) awarded by ‘Bow Seat’ a global Ocean awareness student contest. This is a prize awarded to submissions that best exemplify the PPC mission of working toward a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals, the ocean, and the environment. Submissions were judged on originality, aesthetics, message, and functionality.

I adapted the piece for Glastonbury by creating an ocean like, undulation of plants that were grown in and on rubbish I had found. I wanted to emphasise that the rubbish we create can be used in a more positive way on land – for growing plants etc.

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