Decorative Uncanny

This was a collaborative project during the first term of third year studies. We were challenged to take existing objects and repurpose them in an architectural context.

Being based in Edinburgh we were immediately drawn to one of the major waste streams following the Edinburgh fringe which were 20,000 waste brochures and a huge amount of glass bottles from surrounding pubs and bars.

We decided to design a responsive architectural piece that responded to the different festivities that take place at different times of the day on the Royal Mile during the fringe. We redesigned the glass bottle into long distorted tubes that then acted as moving screens that created enclaves with different characters for festival goers.

The main body of the material was composed from a paper based material that we created through serendipitous exploration, using Richard Serra’s verb list for inspiration. We then created a modular system, with different size and shape blocks that responded to the glass bottles so these structures could be adapted with the needs of the festival.

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