Design Lead at Biohm, London.
February – May 2019

Biohm is an innovative start-up that allows nature to lead innovation in the construction industry to create a healthier and more sustainable built environment.

During my time as design lead, I was making and designing with their innovative materials which included mycelium composites and Orb (organic refuse bio compound). Furthermore, I engaged with clients and the rapidly evolving circular economic professional community in central London.

With a passion for the application of innovative material technologies within our material world, this experience has been extremely influential in my academic direction in my final year studying architecture.

Joint lead of Engineering for Change Aquaponics Society, Cambodia & Edinburgh.
September 2018 -December 2018

Following a trip in July 2018, to rural Cambodia, with Engineering for change where I was part of a team who designed and built an aquaponics system, I co-lead and coordinated a small group of individuals to build an Aquaponics unit in central Edinburgh. We sourced, designed and built the unit from scratch, following intensive system research. We researched and then planted according to the climate conditions and coordinated ongoing care and management of the system.

‘Architectural Activist’ on the social architecture project in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh in collaboration with Oxfam.
May – June 2018

Within the Rohingya Refugee Camp in Cox’s Bazaar, I liaised and ran workshops with Bangladeshi community members to identify current sanitary related issues and propose better design female WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) facilities. We scoped appropriate community-based solutions using a critical understanding of the cultural dynamics and diversity of experiences and preferences within the female population through ‘focus group’ workshops. Furthermore applying our collective knowledge in feminist architecture.

The short term and long term design solutions we proposed have been shared with other charities and camps as more considered solutions to female-specific WASH facilities.

A concise written report by Oxfam on the project can be found here:

Foster + Partners HQ, London
August 2017

Working in the sustainability department of Fosters + Partners, I was looking at the merits of having green roofs, which we could then propose to clients. They used the figures I researched on green roofs and added them to grasshopper to apply to digital maquettes and to quickly assess if it was appropriate to suggest a green roof for a design. I also helped research into the country of a potential project to assess what design solutions would be appropriate to propose for a sustainable resort.

Internship at the Earthship Biotecture, Taos, New Mexico
March 2016-April 2016

Working as part of a team of International interns, I helped build a radically sustainable Earthship. Earthships are off the grid houses (harvest their own energy, water and food), and they are made primarily from recycled waste (tyres, cans and glass bottles). This was an invaluable experience that increased my knowledge and passion for sustainable design and off the grid living.



Freelance Creative Director at Come Bye Festival
January 2019 – Present

Come Bye is a collaborative festival of music, art, talks, theatre and comedy where all attendees are encouraged to share their knowledge, skills and interests and be a part of the festival rather than just a spectator.

As Creative Director, I have been overseeing the online and on-sight aesthetic identity. Within this role, I have expanded my knowledge and experience, both creatively and managerially. Creatively I have co-directed promotional videos, curated social media platforms content, and designed and co-ordinated the decor for the festival site. Managerially I have acted as a synthesiser of creative projects through managing and guiding skilled individuals.

Instagram: @come_bye_festival
Facebook: Come Bye 2019

Event Organiser of Zero Chill Club night, Edinburgh
October 2019 – January 2020

In collaboration with Conscious change, an Edinburgh based social enterprise, I coordinated – with a dedicated team – a sustainable club night.

We created a night with an ‘Act local. Think global’ theme that engaged the local community with global environmental issues.

We worked closely with the club to identify manageable changes that initiate a more sustainable clubbing practice, for example, the choice of lights and use of cups. Furthermore, we connected the club with alcohol brands and toiletries that we deemed more sustainable, which the club decided to stock permanently following our interaction.

Co-organiser of ‘R sustainable Fashion Show’
Sept 2017 – March 2018

Along with two others, I organised a fashion show to raise awareness and propose a solution to the social and environmental implications of the fast fashion industry. I created a brief for the artists and designers that aimed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration. Through this we discovered an organisation called ASCUS and organised a workshop with them to show our designers the importance of collaborating with science in design.

Sculpture tour guide at Houghton Festival
August 2017

Guiding festival go-ers and the press around the Houghton Hall and Gardens, giving information on sculptors such as Richard Long, James Turell, Racheal Whiteread and Zhang Wang.

Installation artist at Glastonbury
June 2016 And 2017

2016 – I created a sculpture that raised awareness of ocean degradation. It was composed of rubbish sculpted into a coral reef, and spray painted white to make it less assuming. The backdrop to the piece was an ocean scene of floating jellyfish composed of plastic bags. I got great feedback from the sculpture and was invited back the following year to create something else.

2017- I created a large teardrop sculpture composed of wire faces, based on people from different ages/sexes/races. This sculpture aimed to emphasis the impending impact of climate change on climate refugees.

Lead role performing in the Edinburgh Fringe
August 2014

As the main character in ‘The Seussification of a Midsummer Night’s Dream’.  We set up our own theatre company and had sell-out shows with excellent reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe and theatre go-ers.

Swimming Teacher
September 2015-Present

I work part-time, teaching ages 3-70+ how to swim and improve their techniques. I have developed interpersonal skills, patience and the importance clearly communicating, adapting my approach and checking understanding.

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