The Productive City – Living and Working in Edinburgh – wants to elaborate a series of projects that speculate on what living in the contemporary city means, challenging the rigidity of the distribution of programs and envisioning forms of life that require unconventional spatial distributions and arrangements.


Throughout my studies I have become increasingly aware that as designers of space we are designers of human reality/habit. This bestows on us an immense amount of power and responsibility, shaping human experience, and on a global scale, human civilisation. With pens (or mouse’s!) as voices – we can specify new ways of living that move towards more self-sufficient dwellings, with food and power production embedded into their programme. Designing structures that holistically sustain their inhabitants. 

Through this project I explored integrating urban agriculture, specifically aquaponics, into the heart of the home. I wanted to imagine a future where occupants live in symbiosis with their environment within the fabric of their home. I did this through imbedding the maintenance and harvesting of produce into the programmatic ritual and spatial arrangement of the home, and named this concept AquaCulture. 

Stills from Water FlowExperiment #2, showing the movement of water from one Archiponic component to the next. I used this experiment to help understand the different thresholds the water passed through and the importance of the placement of pipes in reaching a systematic dynamic equilibrium.

At the start the water is filling up the system for the first time, then it reaches an equilibrium where all the water levels are at a dynamic equilibrium. 
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